BI & Analytics
BI & Analytics
AVOS Analytics

Avos’s embedded analytics enables airlines to become top-performing, analytics-driven entities. By combining information from multiple sources with real-time data from the operations AVOS creates insightful intelligence that helps everyone in the organization make decisions that achieve better outcomes.

Analytics for Commercial Operations

Conduct multidimensional performance analysis across the network with the ability to scan ahead; quickly adapt to change or set alerts.


AVOS report creator solution automates financial reporting that helps managers and administrators can take control of their operations, eliminate manual actions and make better strategic choices.

Executive Mobility Solution

EMS extends interactive Business Intelligence of AVOS to a broad range of mobile devices, including the smart phones and tablets.

Executives can access timely, informative and interactive reports to support decision-making on the go; in a secure and rich environment.


AVOS offers a complete solution to the new age of customer driven travel demand. Analytics of customer behavior provides airlines the ability to segment customers in real time and multiple tools in the system allow creating personalized offers.

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