AVOS PSS - New Breed, Purposefully Built

AVOS is a complete, integrated PSS suite that can run an entire airline enterprise – Planning & Scheduling, Pricing and Revenue Optimization, Distribution, Commercial and sales, Loyalty, Departure control, Finance and much more.

As a mission critical solution purposefully built to address needs of today's airlines, AVOS offers new age design and concepts in development, deployment, and usability.

Redefining PSS in a digital world

There are no restrictions on the ability of airlines to address their business needs, AVOS is complete with smart layers embedded with rich functionality that can be configured based on specific requirements and scale up when needed.

A full stack of distribution connectors enables airlines to better serve their end consumers and corporate clients, at the time and on the channel chosen by the customer.

Bringing the future, today

Mobility, ease of use, customizable work environments and much more. AVOS leads the way in PSS innovation by bringing leading concepts to life in airline IT.

Engineered to perform

Built from the ground up, by cross functional teams years of experience and with combined capabilities in digital technologies, analytics, mobility and airlines business. Supporting throughout are a panel of distinguished experts from a wide range of backgrounds.

AVOS's differentiation as a solution is widely recognized by industry peers and every feature and functionality bears testimony to the quality of effort behind its creation.

The AVOS PSS Suite:
  • The Core
    • Complete and robust maintenance features
    • Advanced multi-tiered security & comprehensive audit
    • Flight Schedules and Inventory Manager that meets all standard requirements and with integrated insights
    • Complete Fares and Pricing engine developed in close co-operation with experts from low cost airlines and ATPCO
    • Comprehensive Finance Module
    • Intuitive GUI for booking and maintenance - access from anywhere from any device
    • Innovative UX concept designed by renowned consultants
    • Ancillary and Merchandising logic
    • Full E-Commerce Suite with responsive web and mobile access
    • Personalization and recommendation engine backed by predictive analytics
    • Configurable multiple payment channels including BSP, bank payments and card payments
    • Commercial management and reporting console
    • Advanced Business Intelligence Suite and MIS
    • Tightly integrated real-time analytics and insights
    • Multi-channel seamless direct distribution and traditional full distribution capabilities
    • Complete stack of APIs for booking as well as for maintenance
    • IATA NDC Capable
    • All GDS connectivity options
    • IATA ET and EMD fully supported
    • All codeshare options and interline provisions
    • Seamless multi-airline model
    • Supports all airline models - LCC, Hybrid and Schedule/Charters
    • Built using latest trending technologies for ultra high performance and massive scalability
    • Traditional as well as cloud hosting provisions
    • Backed by a team of experts familiar with large airline migration projects
  • Loyalty and CRM
  • Fully certified DCS

We invite you to discover why more airlines around the world are choosing the AVOS advantage.

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