Latest Open Technologies

Because airlines need to reduce IT related costs and expedite implementations while guaranteeing security, availability, and performance; AVOS is built using the same proven technologies powering the world’s best run systems and is hosted on cloud.


AVOS can be implemented in a number of ways, faster and without the need for major hosting investments.

Options are available to choose from private cloud hosting or private data centre hosting.

Being cloud based also enhances the service capability of AVOS as a wide range of features and modules are available on demand.

Computing resources are elastic and can be scaled up and down to meet the demands, airlines benefit by only paying for what they actually consume.

Technology Stack

AVOS one is built from scratch using latest open technologies and standards.

  • Web based responsive user interfaces meticulously crafted for delightful user experience
  • Native and hybrid mobile applications for immersive user experience
  • REST and SOAP based highly configurable API for booking services
  • Configurable SDK for booking services
  • Robust, distributable, highly configurable, modularized application service and data persistence tiers
  • Enterprise Service Bus based legacy distribution system integrations, service provider integrations and suppliers integrations
  • Big Data Analytics, NOSQL and Business Intelligence tools
  • Support for any standard RDBMS persistence tier and can be hosted over any operating systems
  • Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Automated web/mobile UI testing tools
AVOS Context Diagram
Latest Open Technologies

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